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Занимательный Израиль

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The Hospitaller Knights Halls in the Citadel of Acre (Akko) - 13 March 2011
danperry wrote in all_israel

photo 1-Pan-1.jpg

photo 2-HospitallerCmpnd_01.jpg

photo 3-HospitCmpnd_09.jpg
Conservation works

photo 4-HospitallerCmpnd_04.jpg
Conservation works

photo IMG_5980.jpg

photo IMG_5981.jpg

photo IMG_5982.jpg

photo IMG_5984.jpg

photo IMG_5985.jpg

photo IMG_5986.jpg

photo IMG_5987.jpg

photo IMG_5989.jpg

photo IMG_5993-PillardHall.jpg
Pillared Hall

photo IMG_5994.jpg

photo IMG_5995.jpg

photo IMG_5996-HallOfColumns.jpg
Hall of Columns

photo IMG_6002.jpg

photo IMG_6003.jpg

photo IMG_6004.jpg
The small  tunnel

photo IMG_6005.jpg

photo IMG_6008.jpg

photo Panorama-Akko-13311.jpg