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Израильская музыка: "Шева"

"Шева" - израильская группа, исполняющая этнические песни. В их репертуаре переплетаются мотивы из еврейской, арабской и христианской музыки. Используется множество народных инструментов.

SongForAscents (3,15 МБ)

A song for ascents (Psalms 121, Melody: Gilad Joseph Cardonis)

I turn my eyes to the mountains
From nothingness my help will come
My help comes from The Pure Being
Maker of heaven and earth
Who will not let your foot give away
Your guardian will not slumber
See, the guardian of Israel
Neither slumbers nor sleeps
The Pure Being is your guardian
The Pure Being is your protection
At your right hand
By day the sun will not strike you
Nor the moon by night
The Pure Being will guard you from all harm
And will guard your life
The Pure Being will guard your going and coming
Now and forever

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